Breakwater Inn

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Relax in the Cove with a view of a traditional fishing village

Atlantic Canada's number one tourist destination!
Located right in the heart of Nova Scotia's most famous fishing village, the Breakwater Inn sits on 8 acres of oceanfront land and 1,340 feet of bold, rocky shoreline in Peggy's Cove. As such it makes a great location for sea kayaking/adventurists, boating enthusiasts and nature lovers. All of our rooms have an ensuite bathroom, free Wi-Fi and TV, a mini fridge and a comfortable Queen-sized bed. There is a good-sized balcony which looks out to Peggy's Cove Fishing Village and we are wheelchair accessible. Our room rates include breakfast each day of your stay with us.

Our Rooms

A Place to Unwind

Our cozy Inn has private entrances to several rooms, a good sized balcony overlooking the fishing village and local seafood available all day, right on the premises. There is also ample parking to make your stay as convenient as possible.
  • Queen-sized bed and sofa bed
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Wi-Fi, TV and fridge in-room
  • Breakfast included in room rate
  • Wheelchair accessible
Peggy's Cove

Fishing Village

The historic lighthouse and stunning scenery in this area are the main attractions but there is enough to do here to entertain you for several days. Peggy's Cove Village is a working fishing village with all that accompanies that activity. Fishermen come and go, lobster traps and fish nets decorate the wharves and roadside, and fishing boats come and go from the local wharf. Learn the geology and history of the Village as told on story boards scattered throughout the area.

Self-Guided Tours
Local Attractions
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Nature Trails
Peggy's Cove Lobster

Regional Food

If you haven’t eaten Lobster in Peggy’s Cove cooked the traditional way, then you haven’t really eaten Lobster. Nova Scotia lobster is world-famous – and for good reason. We have some of the most fertile lobster fishing grounds.
Peggy's Cove is renown for its Lighthouse but it is also a famous fishing village where locals still make a living on the water. You can learn how to cook lobster the traditional Nova Scotian way or you can have them cook it for you. They serve steamed lobster, lobster rolls and Atlantic blue mussels. Just sit down, relax and enjoy your meal in the center of the Cove or grab a live lobster to carry home.

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130 Peggy's Point Road
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
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